Corridor Secret Santa Gets Weird (mery crispness)

Publicēšanas datums 24 dec 2019
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This Episode ► The crispiniss boys open very secret gifts from santa.
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  • Clints Face is priceless when wes pulls out his gift 😂😅

  • This channel is the office in real life

  • Why are there pickles in the banisters

  • yoda 2:02

  • 2:30 bad word

  • I love Griffin's label

  • Bootleg christmas tree but its more expensive

  • I really think on Node y’all should just have like a quarantine Smash Bros tournament. You could figure a way to livestream it, have like 2 hours of gameplay. That’d be awesome

  • wait a minute... is wren really tall?? I'm only just noticing this

  • What about Hanukkah

  • I feel so bad for Clint

  • Mery C R I S P nessle

  • Fuck, all the smash gifts. I belong with these people ;_;

  • 1:32 "look at all of the presents under the guillotine..." I am sure that's what they said during the French Revolution...

  • That Ice cream from wren last year was still the best gift

  • There's a lot of people here compared to last year. But im kinda sad that Gabe is not here.

  • Is this the definition of "boys will be boys"?

  • Holy shit, this shows me how tall Wren is holy shit

  • days before disaster

  • Only OG’s will remember when this was just called “merry crispness”

  • Wesley wesley incorporated has to be the coolest name

  • “The boys are on their best behavior”

  • 2:02 😂

  • In Germany this is called "Wichteln". Translated word for word: "Elfing"

  • 7:21 Top 10 anime plot twists.

  • Clint got robbed again

  • Me and Jake have the same watch

  • I thought sam straight up pulled out some weed lol

  • Y'all need to do a white elephant with 3 steal item limit and no steal backs. It becomes a ruthless game of greed and office politics

  • Anyone else have a super crush on Niko?

  • First the darth Vader helmet they were using to draw names and then I was like was that a guillotine 🤣🤣

  • Me been away from yt, but... Yay! I love these!! Haha These vids are some of the best.

  • Okay, but I bought Ryan an iPod

  • 2:01

  • Omg Nick turned the guillotine into a Christmas tree 😂👏

  • Everybody needs a Christmas Guillotine.

  • here in holland this is a tradition.

  • Feelin the love :~)

  • Damn, some day I want to have the same amount of fun those guys have at work.