Corridor Secret Santa Gets Weird (mery crispness)

Publicēšanas datums 24 dec 2019
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This Episode ► The crispiniss boys open very secret gifts from santa.
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  • No hugs the next xmas eh boys?

  • After 2020 video

  • Very festive guillotine

  • Love you guys Merry 2020 Christmas.

  • Can wait for Crispness 2020. Really need a positive video like this to end the year

  • guillotree

  • Is there a link to the first secret santa video? Anyone? Please😢

  • This is wholesome

  • this is so good, i wish to work in such an environment, you guys are great

  • Clints Face is priceless when wes pulls out his gift 😂😅

  • This channel is the office in real life

  • Why are there pickles in the banisters

  • yoda 2:02

  • 2:30 bad word

  • I love Griffin's label

  • Bootleg christmas tree but its more expensive

  • I really think on Node y’all should just have like a quarantine Smash Bros tournament. You could figure a way to livestream it, have like 2 hours of gameplay. That’d be awesome

  • wait a minute... is wren really tall?? I'm only just noticing this

  • What about Hanukkah

  • I feel so bad for Clint

  • Mery C R I S P nessle

  • Fuck, all the smash gifts. I belong with these people ;_;

  • 1:32 "look at all of the presents under the guillotine..." I am sure that's what they said during the French Revolution...

  • That Ice cream from wren last year was still the best gift

  • There's a lot of people here compared to last year. But im kinda sad that Gabe is not here.

  • Is this the definition of "boys will be boys"?

  • Holy shit, this shows me how tall Wren is holy shit

  • days before disaster

  • Only OG’s will remember when this was just called “merry crispness”

  • Wesley wesley incorporated has to be the coolest name

  • “The boys are on their best behavior”

  • 2:02 😂

  • In Germany this is called "Wichteln". Translated word for word: "Elfing"

  • 7:21 Top 10 anime plot twists.

  • Me and Jake have the same watch

  • I thought sam straight up pulled out some weed lol

  • Y'all need to do a white elephant with 3 steal item limit and no steal backs. It becomes a ruthless game of greed and office politics

  • Anyone else have a super crush on Niko?

  • First the darth Vader helmet they were using to draw names and then I was like was that a guillotine 🤣🤣

  • Me been away from yt, but... Yay! I love these!! Haha These vids are some of the best.

  • Okay, but I bought Ryan an iPod

  • Omg Nick turned the guillotine into a Christmas tree 😂👏

  • Everybody needs a Christmas Guillotine.

  • here in holland this is a tradition.

  • Feelin the love :~)

  • Damn, some day I want to have the same amount of fun those guys have at work.


  • This episode makes me happy

  • I feel sorry for Clint 😢

  • clint is so salty

  • Sam looks a lot like Adam from fbe REACT

  • How do we know these arent just two pretty faces speaking and that they are actually 'sleep' experts.

  • We need Cmike and vlogs back.. What happened with "every other day" vlogs?

  • I swear the box where the names are is the top of Darth Vader’s helmet

  • Who felt bad when he said “...garbage?”

    • Ah, it was all fun and games. And in fairness, it was the best gift that year. So fucking funny

  • Why does nobody play wii fit trainer

  • Wholesome content

  • Please react to "Kong Skull Island" 2017! Great job guys, keep up the good work!

  • 9:49 wait a second is that a Bridge Four shirt????

  • Very

  • Wren's a Bowser main? He just got even more awesome. Bowser mains unite!

  • You guys are just a delight.

  • Big love to you guys, thanks for another year of amazing content.

  • Does they now most of the bodypillows have a back side... a not child friendly one

  • never have i wanted a piccolo body pillow more than now

  • simple yet sweet )

  • We call that “Amigo Secreto” in Colombia, or “secret frind”

  • What was the last secret santa

  • I would've subbed you for crispness, but I'm already subbed... so I stayed subbed? And liked!

  • Wait how tall is Wren?

  • I love your channel guys!

  • Me when I read the title of this video

  • so wholesome

  • Poor Clint.

  • All I want for crispness is more Impersonator Olympics.

  • What is that thumbnail?

  • 2:00 2019 in a nutshell

  • Lol thanks Wren, my dog freaked out at the sound of your dog toy

  • Fuck this is wholesome

  • mery crispmess to all and to all a good bite

  • Merry crispness and a crispy new year

  • Wren is the ultimate cutie pie

  • we have a star exactly like that

  • Could you guys do the remake of nightmare on elm street in your next vfx artists react they did some really cool blood effects andid like to see your reaction to the CGI on his face. Thanks and keep up the great work

  • Jesus loves you guys

  • Look at the VFX of Decendants

  • Anybody else see Wes in Kevin harts Netflix show

  • Check this Bad CGI:

  • Make the final battle in “Swiss Family Robinson (1960) R rated. It’s really PG. guys get shot with arrows and ran over with logs and rocks and blown up with coconut bombs and only get minorly injured


  • When your all really subscribed and you wish you could subscribe twice

  • who are all of those new guys? i feel like i been missing out a bit XD

  • Where’s the lotr episode?

  • React to the mandolorian?

  • I’m curious as to if there was something special on the film Clint got or if it was just random...

  • rip clint two years in a row

  • u too

  • Someone needs to hit someone with a smirnoff one year

  • Do vfx artist reacts with American Sniper

  • Am i on drugs, or did you tease a Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit video for Christmas and not deliver.