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We run a production studio based upon ingenuity, hard work, and friendship. Watch our ups and downs as professional creators!


19:39I Made a NEW Super Smash Bros in ONE WEEK!
I Made a NEW Super Smash Bros in ONE WEEK!Skatījumi 263 tūkst.Pirms dienas
15:35VFX Artists React to Bad \u0026 Great CGi 40
VFX Artists React to Bad \u0026 Great CGi 40Skatījumi 1,1 milj.Pirms dienas
21:06Using VFX to become Handsome Squidward
Using VFX to become Handsome SquidwardSkatījumi 764 tūkst.Pirms 7 dienām
13:19Stuntmen React To Bad \u0026 Great Hollywood Stunts 29
Stuntmen React To Bad \u0026 Great Hollywood Stunts 29Skatījumi 723 tūkst.Pirms 7 dienām
23:21We Made Harry Potter R-Rated
We Made Harry Potter R-RatedSkatījumi 1,4 milj.
16:57We Try Using VFX to Attract Women
We Try Using VFX to Attract WomenSkatījumi 629 tūkst.
9:38VFX Artist Simulates PIXAR but with REAL Physics
VFX Artist Simulates PIXAR but with REAL PhysicsSkatījumi 2 milj.Pirms Mēneša
15:36VFX Artists React to BOLLYWOOD Bad \u0026 Great CGi 6
14:56VFX Artists Compete Against Artificial Intelligence
VFX Artists Compete Against Artificial IntelligenceSkatījumi 1,1 milj.Pirms Mēneša
20:44We Made a Better CGi Luke Skywalker
We Made a Better CGi Luke SkywalkerSkatījumi 3,6 milj.Pirms Mēneša
16:25VFX Artists React to THE MANDALORIAN Bad \u0026 Great CGi
12:54Stuntmen React To Bad \u0026 Great Hollywood Stunts 27
23:58We Compete to Make the Most SATISFYING Simulations
We Compete to Make the Most SATISFYING SimulationsSkatījumi 1,8 milj.Pirms Mēneša
12:11VFX Artists React to Bad \u0026 Great CGi 37 (ft. Freddie Wong)
10:56Stuntmen React To Bad \u0026 Great Hollywood Stunts 26
Stuntmen React To Bad \u0026 Great Hollywood Stunts 26Skatījumi 1,4 milj.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
18:45Making my Friends Cry with Thoughtful Gifts
Making my Friends Cry with Thoughtful GiftsSkatījumi 513 tūkst.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
13:41Animators React to Bad \u0026 Great CGi 2
Animators React to Bad \u0026 Great CGi 2Skatījumi 1,6 milj.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
27:59We Made AVATAR 2 Before James Cameron
We Made AVATAR 2 Before James CameronSkatījumi 977 tūkst.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
17:57We Learn to STUNTFALL from a Hollywood Pro
We Learn to STUNTFALL from a Hollywood ProSkatījumi 824 tūkst.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
16:59Stuntmen React To Bad \u0026 Great Hollywood Stunts 25
Stuntmen React To Bad \u0026 Great Hollywood Stunts 25Skatījumi 1,3 milj.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
14:57VFX Artists React to THE BOYS Bad \u0026 Great CGi
VFX Artists React to THE BOYS Bad \u0026 Great CGiSkatījumi 1,6 milj.Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
16:21What we do When We’re NOT Making VFX Artists React
What we do When We’re NOT Making VFX Artists ReactSkatījumi 593 tūkst.Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
13:56Animators React to Bad \u0026 Great CGi
Animators React to Bad \u0026 Great CGiSkatījumi 1,7 milj.Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
16:43I Will Make a Sniper Camera!
I Will Make a Sniper Camera!Skatījumi 465 tūkst.Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
16:55Stuntmen React To Bad \u0026 Great Hollywood Stunts 24
Stuntmen React To Bad \u0026 Great Hollywood Stunts 24Skatījumi 1,4 milj.Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
15:06If Your Eye was a Camera What Would the Specs be?
If Your Eye was a Camera What Would the Specs be?Skatījumi 1 milj.Pirms 3 Mēnešiem


  • Why mida multi-tool tho

  • Try monster hunter

  • Gui is an absolute G, and both his and Niko's insight was absolutely mind blowing at times. Niko's commentary on the mini problems and solutions in a fight scene was... it was just incredibly insightful!

  • IRL spark hits of bullets, especially small caliber rounds, are not very large at all. But in pearl harbor its very realistic because of the ground particles

  • Don’t throw the guns away give them away

  • Counter operative Mario bros 👍👍👍

  • Dude swears more than a canadian

  • You guys should fix the new robo cop

  • You guys made tenet before tenet just for nolan to make tenet

  • I also play brawlhalla tho

  • At the end make a notebook with a bunch of last names and stop at a page with"McCallister" crossed out. Basically he Kevin lives with family's and kills them all. Is that a good new r rated Home Alone end? Like if you think that.

  • Make a Tom and Jerry episode R rated. Its too violent for their to not be blood

  • you guys have turned into a bunch of mask dummies. ha mandates lifting this wednesday here in tx. fuck cali

  • Face hugger-me if I'm wrong....but...I'm sure in ALIEN3 they used some sort of puppet motion capture for the end tunnel chase sequence ? Pre species. It was on the 'Making of' , or maybe the puppet was for the practical alien shots....can't remember the last time I watched ALIEN3 making of....anyone else remember?

  • React to *Michael Jackson BLACK OR WHITE* final scene where people transform from one character to next character. Still can't figure it out and this was 1990 or something

  • Idk if you guys have looked at it already but the expanse on Amazon prime has some really mind blowing vfx

  • i cant even fathom what peter could do with more than a week

  • Jake really seems like a joy to be around

  • Next review "Clash of the Titans" modern and classic! Cheers!

  • Video opens with a return to the office only to find everyone Smashing. How lewd~

  • this youtube channel is slowly becoming my favorite sitcom

  • they calo him beeple because they need to beep him every 10 seconds

  • These videos have the most compelling stories and arcs ever 😩

  • Hairline?

  • the first smash bros in unreal... nice job!

  • Why are you sitting like that? Weirdos

  • have you heard of unity's partical system

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie 1995! specifically the Zord sequence! the CG models go through each other LOL

  • I would buy this

  • Immortal (2004), Haven't watched it in forever, looks so off now but I was remembering it as a weird Fifth Element movie.

  • temple run vr version with wren in it 🔥

  • Early 90s CGI? Super Mario Bros live action movie, Super Mario Bros live action movie, Super Mario Bros live action movie

  • Robocop 1987 is epic, I saw it in 1989 on VHS and I was 4 years old and it was totally normal, Murphy's death scene did scar me ever so slightly.

  • A LVcd channel that could qualify is Worthikids. He works in Blender, but it looks like friggin' flawless stop-motion animation and/or traditional 2d cel drawing. Exhibit A:

  • R rated mario cart

  • Check out M.U.G.E.N if you guys can do this mugen should be easy to make your own fighters and smash against each other. If you made your own characters you can make your own "game story" and then watch them fight just to end an argument.

  • "Kind of just, embracing the jank of myself... I started having a good time." - Peter the Jank

  • Please do transformer. Preferably when optimus transforms for the first time.

  • that catholic line haha made my day haha!

  • Jake’s sponsor segments are some of the best sponsor segments I’ll ever watch.

  • Ah man, I would looove to play smash bros with you guys! I wanna see you deal with my under-the-court Lucas play xD

  • We neeeeed some power rangers stuff if you want to talk 90’s.

  • Unreal Battle Simulator

  • Could you go over the party scene in Avenger age of Ultron when Ultron first comes out and that whole fight. There is one particular robot that looks very off. It is the one that steals Loki's scepter

  • Is anyone else suspicious that Peter made Jake's character unbeatable so that Jake would win and finally join the smash bros group?

  • Make it open so people can tweak it. And good job, even don't liking smash that was an incredible work.

  • Wren having a seizure 4:12

  • Ok but like... Jake isn't working the whole time he is keeping track of them playing.. 🤨

  • As a game developer hobbyist, it’s amazing seeing someone’s first step in the game dev world.

  • The story arc in this episode was way better than in Game of Thrones season 8

  • 2:04 LMFAO 😂🤣

  • i should not full fill my small child hood dream because i think i dont want to be mad like him hahaha

  • "The idea of making a week is pretty nuts" Now I wanna see these guys participate in a Game Jam

  • This actually worse than the mummy returns chi this is terrible

  • I’m in live action Disney movies are SCP’s

  • "In Japan there's this technique" I laughed so hard at that point. That is so him.

  • Your show is becoming too contrived.

  • where do we download it?

  • By the calculations of about 8 people in that room, the per hour salary is about $85.00. Reduce the hourly wage to compensate for leisure time at work. How about $65.00 hr Seems legit. GET YO ASS BACK TO WORK! 😂

  • React to the new Netflix sci fi space runners really good cgi

  • Nintendo is gonna sue the SHIT out of y’all

  • Is Peter the best at Corridor?

  • Pomodoro technique is Italian... pomodoro is tomato in Italian

  • Again, Peter is my favorite crew member nowadays, i love them all, but Peter is so damn funny and talented, and his journey inseid CD is AWESOME!

  • Eeee

  • I feel like we need a purely mecha episode of VFX reacts from like old-school "robot wars" up through "pacific rim" and how puppeteering/suit effects for robots/me has have gradually been taken over by almost completely cgi models.... I'm totally willing to be the ambassador for such an episode because I feel like it'd be really cool to have the reacts episode done through the eyes of you guys and a hardcore mecha fan instead of like stunt workers or make-up artists....just an idea... By the way I came across your channel over the summer and can't get enough of the terrific content you guys put out it's so entertaining on such a high level keep it up you guys are amazing

  • Species was a weird movie

  • The subscribe part killed me 😂

  • Y’all need to do a rated r version of the new Tom and Jerry where Jerry runs into the grate in the kitchen and does a full on final destination into the grate

  • Smush Brethren 😂

  • The jokes are too close to real toxic work environments I've been in. Could not have too much fun with this one, unfortunately.

  • They work so hard to integrate their sponsors, I just literally sit and watch their commercial every time.

  • How about this classic?

  • Have to plug Death Becomes Her for some awesome early 90s effects

  • Try making a better sonic game

  • Awesome!

  • 2:04 is it just me or does dean give off Denis Reynolds vibes???

  • They should do another tournament with this game

  • Man I just want a finished version with power related with the videos to play it

  • How mobile friendly is the CD site for watching the content? Its the only thing holding me back from sunscribing...have to go to an external site to view videos that may not properly operate or scale onto mobile...